PREFERRED acoustic fabric ceiling rafts

PAL Rafts offer sound absorption performance not only from the face of the panel but also from the rear of the panel. The panels provides the highest sound absorption rating (CLASS A) enabling the areas where it is used to achieve the highest level of absorption.

These raft panels are available in square or rectangular panels as well as many other shapes such as circles, ellipses, triangles and many more creative shapes. They are also available in a range of over 100 fabric colours as standard.

Alternative fabrics can be applied on request.

Preferred Acoustic Rafts modern and contemporary suspension kits are supplied with the panels. Suspension kit includes spiral hook, 2m cable and an eyelet.



PREFERRED acoustic fabric ceiling baffles

PAL Acoustic Baffles are designed for ceiling vertical suspension in loud areas that require reduction in echo to produce more favourable room acoustics. These baffles can turn a ceiling void into a wonderful and beautiful feature with rectangular baffles. This is a very functional and cost effective alternative to suspended ceiling tiles, using Preferred Acoustic Baffles allows for air flow and flexible lighting arrangements.

Preferred Acoustic Baffles achieve Class A acoustic performance which meets BB93 standards, these baffles can be manufactured to any size required.
With the options of various colours, a design feature can be implemented for aesthetic purposes.


PREFERRED acoustic fabric wall panels

Our PAL Acoustic Wall Panels are a high quality sound absorbing panel system. The panels are designed as a wall lining to control reverberant noise in areas with hard surfaces. The Preferred Acoustic Wall Panel system improves the quality of the workplace environment due to the products ability to absorb echo and reverberation. Designed with a fabric finish which is available in a large range of fabric colours.


  • Outstanding sound absorption performance
    – Class A and Class C
  • Over 100 standard fabric colours available
  • Impact resistant
  • High content of recycled material
  • Easy installation method
  • Quick availability